Human immunodeficiency viruses situated in outside of the human cells, structure of HIV is lightly spherical and each particle is look like a growing spikes. each particle diameter is around the 100-150 billionths of a metre,that is quite similar to the 0.1 microns or also called as 4 millionths of an inch and one twentieth of the length of an E. coli bacterium and one seventieth of the diameter of a human CD4+ white blood cell, HIV life cycle having very complex and complicated structure.HIV is not seen clear by the simple microscope, In HIV life cycle HIV viruses clearly can be seen with the help of the electron microscope.

HIV viruses having the coat of the viral envelope and membrane, In the below of the viral envelop HIV having a protein matrix and that protein is protein p17 which is from the matrix in the below of the viral envelope.  HIV also having a capsid which is made up from protein p24 and for the further process HIV need three enzyme for the replication and transcription process.Those three enzymes are reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease and these three enzymes are help to HIV replication.

HIV also having the genes, total number of the gene HIV having are Nine and the HIV life cycle is started from the Replication, replication is started inside the human cells after that than transcription and Integration processes are started and these processes are done by the three enzymes are reverse transcriptase, integrase and protease, when translation and transcription is completed after that assembly of HIV and budding and maturation is done.

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