Years long of our understanding basic molecular biology of organism has been shattered with identification of our junk DNA not being actually junk, only increasing our thoughts on complexity of molecular mechanism of ourselves and other organisms.The discovery of tiny particles called ncRNA’s transcripts of ncDNA’s has in-turn made our understanding of genetic causes of diseases more opaque and complicated. New techniques have been developed, being developed to identify, analyse ncRNA’s. One such technique which has been key and would be a key in our post-genomics understanding is High throughput Sequencing, which has been our key tool in identification of  genetic variations and their relationship to biological function.

High throughput sequencing involves the following steps like identification of Template DNA-fragmentation-Tagging-Amplication-Sequencing-Computational analysis of the data. Currently Roche, illumine are offering  High throughput sequencers incorporating all necessary procedure into simple devices, with output being date, which will be analysed by scientists. These analyzers are easy to use and played a key role in identification and analysis of ncRNA particles like Micro-RNA (miRNA), Small Nuclear RNA (snRAN’s), Pico RNA (piRNA) and their role in provocating diseases. More & more needs to be done in understanding our life a high throughput sequencing would definitely be key in our understanding of life.

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