Massive system might be comprised of few galaxies and it is otherwise called as clusters. Such as example the Vigro cluster is comprised of 1015 solar masses. In the space the galaxies are distributed irregularly in the small volume of space because of the galaxiesare small in size but the largest clusters are have many galaxies so the galaxies are distributed symmetrically. All the things are discovered in a survey by the different and well known astronomers. It situated or hidden behind the dusts and each one varies from each other in accordance with path as well as directions. They are normally lies closer to galactic center and the astronomers always saw the in the same region each and every time. All the clusters are divided in to 15 groups and these are called the polmonar clusters .But recently a new polmonar cluster is detected which is called the hidden cluster and it is seen in the hidden blanket of the dust. The hidden cluster is around five times away from the center of the Milky Way and it varies greatly from the others.

Reflection is occurred in the warp vision of galaxy cluster and astronomers are using various map for searching the unseen side of the galaxy cluster or universe.They are building a cosmic census in the hidden dark matter and the interesting thing is, it cannot seen easily and only felt through gravitational pull. The present find of the hidden cluster is known by the bending of light in gravitational lensing. The astronomers found that the gravitational lensing produces double images of a same galaxy in the addition of the curving light. If 50images are found by the gravitational lensing then 25 clusters are there in hidden form.

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