It is very obvious for us, we have password for any account we create for our mail ids (and other user accounts)   that we use daily, as privacy is very important part for anyone. It is obvious that we forget the passwords create by ourselves, we will beassisted with several ways in the web if we forget our passwords, such as secret questions etc., but have you heard ever that just by using your “Heart beat” you can login into your mail accounts for which you forgot your password?

Foteini Agrafioti, an engineer at University of Toronto has developed a technology which detects the heart beat, in fact it detects shape of the heart and heart beat of owner of the gadget and this technology is called as ECG Biometrics.

This technology was found more accurate and more secure to protect data in one’s tablet or smart phone and avoid unauthenticated access to one’s information.

ECG Biometrics needs more support to be used more widely similar to current finger print biometric systems.

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