An ingenious experiment in the late 1960’s, lead to the landmark discovery for the future of the molecular biology and medicine. Dr. Waclaw Szybalski and his team have conducted the first ever experiment of transforming the human cells with the externally engineered genes. 50 years after that ground-breaking discovery, the gene therapy is becoming reality.A string of scientific achievements that could easily have merited at least one Nobel Prize and his work has laid foundations for several Nobels. The award “Grand Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta” one of Poland’s highest honors, was given to recognize Szybalski’s “extraordinary and distinguished service.”Now, we take the immense pride in announcing Dr. Waclaw Szybalski, the Father of Gene Therapy as Keynote Speaker at International Conference on Genetic Syndromes and Gene Therapy.Gene Therapy-2012 intends to bring together the researchers in the arena of Genetics, creating a scientific platform to study the various aspects of Genetic syndromes and its possibilities to cure by various Clinical and Diagnostic studies. The key topics to be discussed at the conference includes:

1. Therapeutic application of viral vectors in genetic diseases.

2. Studies on therapeutic genetics of cancer and neurological disorders.

3. Autoimmune disorders and developmental genetics.

4. Genetic syndrome diagnosis and gene mapping methods.

So, hurry…!!! Grab up the opportunity….Come and participate at this exceptional gathering to drive into the incredible past, taste the inimitable presence and adventure the euphoric future of genetic technology and hence celebrate the contribution.

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