You must have been aware of going to shopping malls where you try and test a product and stand in endless queues to pay the bill and get out of the shop once it is verified. You must have also experienced of choosing a product online and getting it delivered after the online transfer of money with a feeling that you are cheated as the product varies in its quality and quantity. Here is a shopping experience from the #ecommerce Major #Amazon that lets you choose any product from its shop not virtually but really, where you don’t come across the hassles of paying at a cash counter and get it checked.

#Amazongo is a new shopping experience meant initially for the employees of Amazon that are working at Seattle, Washington in December 2016. Starting from packed food to meals kit, grocery and liquor the employees could purchase products of their choice without waiting to pay for it in queues.  Don’t go bewildered or amused that one can get away with the product without ever paying for it. There are sensors and surveillance throughout so that the moment any product is removed from the shelf, the automated machines can assess its weight and add the product to your virtual cart. If you don’t like to buy the product and replace it in the shelf, it would be removed from your cart automatically.

The store relies on the smartphones and #geofencingtechnology to streamline the customer experience, supply chain and inventory management and made the best use of technologies, including computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion to automate the purchase, checkout, and payment steps associated with a retail transaction. By January 2018, Amazon opened a store for general public also.  Are you ready to experience the innovation in #retailshopping? Let’s start.

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