Glaucoma is often called as “silent thief of sight” as mostly #glaucoma is painless and presents no symptoms until noticeable #vision_loss occurs. It is a group of eye related disorders that causes damage to the #optic_nerve responsible for carrying information from the eye to the brain.  It causes irreversible vision loss.

Mostly glaucoma causes higher #intra_ocular_pressure (IOP) in the eye known as ocular hypertension. However the exact cause of glaucoma is still a mystery for the scientists, as some patients who do not have elevated pressure develops the disease known as normal or #low_tension_glaucoma. This fact alerted researchers that apart from eye pressure there must be other causes associated with glaucoma. According to a new study, increase in eye pressure activates the immune system to produce #T_cells. These T cells infiltrate into the eye. These cells attack the stress proteins, #heat_shock_proteins.

Further studies have also revealed that the #autoimmune response is due to a #bacterial_infection. It was observed that Glaucoma patients have more antibodies against a specific type of bacteria. However the researchers are not confirm about this study and need further research.

These new findings would help in finding improve treatments for Glaucoma. The new treatments would aim in halting the body’s #autoimmune_response or the infectious bacteria. In the future, patients may not worry about glaucoma at all.

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