In the recent years, the genetic engineering techniques have been misused to create unethical and life threatening food products called genetically modified foods (GM foods). Lot of debates and fights are happening, on whether GM foods can be imported or marketed in any part of the world. These products are produced by inserting a DNA from one species which can be a plant, microbe or animal which will result in an undesirable food product. Although many efforts have been taken to label these products in market, most of the countries have banned these products.

Genetic engineering has produced golden rice, tomatoes, brinjal, cotton, corns, maize, soybeans, fish, spider goats etc. These were created with a special trait that makes them hybrid. Most of the genetic modifications were done focusing on reducing the use of pesticides, resistance to climatic change and so on. But what scientist missed to evaluate is that, can human being eat something which has a combination of plant, microbe or animal.
Human has the right to know what they eat. The GM foods have been found to increase the risk of many diseases like cancer, autism and other health problems and food allergies to children and adults. Is it right to market genetically modified food or even create them? The scientific world has exposed us, not much information and there are lots we need to know about genetically modified food. So it’s the individual’s responsibility to check for Non-GMO sign before purchasing any food product if he or she is concerned about their families’ safety and health. And science can create more useful ethical things than destroying the existing ones. So let’s make a better world for our future.

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