Genes are the coding sequences that are made up with DNA and present in cell nucleus. Nucleus is the control system of the cell.Gene can produce the proteins through transcription (synthesis of RNA from DNA) and translation (Synthesis of protein molecules from RNA) processes. Proteins are the functioning molecules which regulate the cell functions, so genes can rule the cell functions and hence they regulate the total body functions in a proper way.

What is Cancer and how it generates?

Due to some environmental and lifestyle factors such as smoking, exposing with radiation, harmful chemicals, genetic sequences will get mutations hence turned in to cancerous cells.

Gene Therapy for Cancer Treatment

Gene therapy is the technique in which we can treat the illness in to the body with healthy and specific genes as targeted molecules. There are so many advanced gene therapy methods to cure and treatment of cancer. Activation of natural body immune system to attack the cancer cells in the body through activated therapeutic immune cells.

Second method is Introducing a therapeutic gene in cancer cells that makes cancer cells in to more sensitive for treatment with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Third method is Introduction of therapeutic genes in cancer cells that makes cancer cells to convert the therapeutic drug from inactive form to active form to fight against their own mechanism. This method is called as Pro Drug Gene Therapy. Fourth method is blocking of the mechanisms of cancer cell to survive.

In future Gene therapy will be the best treatment method for life treating diseases and will bless the human life span.

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