Among all food items Poultry meat and chicken causes maximum death in United States.From 1998 to 2008 means within 10 years of time period poultry causes 19% of Food Borne fatalities. In a study Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that 10% of death was accounted by dairy while leafy vegetables for example spinach causes second most problem of hospitalization than any other food items and responsible for 7% of death.
E.coli was found on the leafy vegetable like spinach, which causes contamination of food items while this contamination was also found among the poultry food like poultry chicken and meat. So to deal with this contamination problem it is very necessary to take care of hygienity and contamination free environment within poultry industry, farm and working area.

Out of the 277 deaths due to poultry, maximum cases were occurred due to two types of bacteria i.e., Salmonella & Listeria. These two bacteria are responsible to show the symptoms of diarrhoea. Among all peoples maximum risk was assessed among babies, elderly peoples and pregnant ladies.

As per the Griffith statements, chief of the CDC’s enteric diseases epidemiology branch: Listeria is more dangerous as compare to other contaminants. So as we know that consumption of poultry food is very high so it is necessary to provide contamination free environment to prevent diseases spread due to it.

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