Fine #pixelpitchLEDdisplays are emerging all over the digital signage market. These monster #screens located at eye catching locations such as major sports stadiums look amazing from a distance; a few feet closer, they look anything but. This is due to the pixel pitch i.e. the spacing between the individual LED lights within these giant displays. When viewed up close, these dispersed pixels pull the image apart. However, when viewed from a distance, our eyes are unable to visualize the gaps and the images appear tight and crisp.

A few years ago, an installation of a screen with a 6 mm pixel pitch at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas dropped jaws. This screen suspended from high above, displayed a giant golden face gently bobbing from side to side. This clever #opticalillusion uses 2.1 million multicolor LEDs stacked in a certain manner inside a box structure to generate a #3dimensionalimage when visualized from just the right angle. Similar to the #3Demulatingstreetart chalk drawings, the installation takes on a very different look when observed from the sides.