StarsHave you ever wondered looking at the clear dark night sky brightly lit with numerous stars about their origin? There is no age bar to get inspiration from  the borderless sky, mysterious clouds, the moon and the stars as we all grow from childhood to adulthood listening multiple stories on how clouds produces images and the stars share fortunes ( the good, bad and the worst). For the first time in the annals of astronomical history, researchers are able to unearth the birth secrets of the stars in the galaxies. Each galaxy may have tens, thousands and millions of stars and there is no count. They are loaded with abundant energy, capable of nurturing and nourishing life on the planets (The Sun of course is a star in the Milky Way galaxy).

For decades, we don’t know how the stars are originating until the day a paper published recently unveiling the secrets. Accordingly, the young galaxies produce stars at a rapid phase for some time and it cease to produce anymore once it evolves completely. Each galaxy has a super massive black hole that is trillion times massive than our Sun.  The black hole’s presence can be known through its gravitation effect. Its galactic nucleus pumps in energetic radiation capable of powering the ability of the galaxy to produce stars. Once the energetic power center ceased to produce energy by heating and dispelling the gas that would the stars would not be produced anymore. Here comes the end of the story. You got it?