A very rare species found along the coastal Atlantic region is one of the most beautiful but destructive species ever. This species is a native of Atlantic Ocean but also been sighted in Florida and Caribbean islands. This species popularly called as lion fish is very active predatorand protects its region better than any lion. When a new species is introduced into a particular habitat free from predators, those species are at a great risk of obliteration. These species are believed to have entered the ocean post a coastal hurricane that has destroyed every home living on the edge of the ocean. These species once being used as ornamentals in aquarium, have found their way into the waters after the destructive hurricane. This native species is fast reproducing and are ferocious in nature. Lionfish are voracious feeders that feed on juvenile larvae and crustaceans.

Although they are temperature dependent, warm water currents have pushed these species into gulf regions of Venezuela and New York. This explains their unusual temperature adaptability as these regions are mostly cold during most part of the year. Reports have suggested their sightings now along the East also. This specie is now expanding at frequency not expected earlier and possesses a great threat to non-native species of the water kingdom.

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