Face recognition technology is one of the fastest growing techniques in biometric field. It is typically used in the security systems just like other techniques resembling fingerprinting and eye iris recognition system. Instead of finger prints and iris here we are using the human face as the individual identifier. Recent trend includes the skin texture analysis which uses the visual details of the skin as captured in digital or scanned  images. Another advancement in this area is the three dimensional face recognition system which is believed to endow with more precision than the normal face recognition system by the use of 3D sensors to confine information about the face.

This system works with the help of a digital camera which takes the picture and analyses the characteristic facial features of the person and saves it in the database. The different face features like the distance between eyes, width of nose, length of jaw lines etc are measured and converted to numerical code called face print and stored in the database.

It can be used as a tool for detecting possible threats like terrorist attacks, a known criminal etc. It is anticipated that the face recognition technique will be replacing the fingerprinting biometrics as the most accepted authentication systems. This offers an ideal solution for the high traffic areas open to public  like airports, railways, corporations, Government offices etc.

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