Despite of increase in human populations count per second; studies conducted on the sperm count of humans have revealed that human race is facing a steady decline in sperm count globally. Many phenomenons are said to be the reason behind this.Among them exposure to Endocrine disruptors through direct or indirect routes is the major environmental cause behind this unfortunate fact. Endocrine disruptors not only cause abnormality in gametogenesis but they also promote tumours, by birth defects, developmental disorders including learning disabilities and other deformities in body.

Basically endocrine disruptors are a class of chemicals which are capable of interfering the hormonal system of body by affecting synthesis, secretion process and transport mechanism of natural hormones significantly. They eliminate the hormones which are necessary for the body’s normal development, homeostasis, and also fertility.

A study performed in France came with facts that there is steady decrease in the sperm count and also in the quality of sperms in the nation since 1989. Statistical data collected in the study shows a considerable 32.2% decline in last 17 years which is calculated as 1.9% per year. This condition is alarming for future prospective if effective measures are not implemented timely. Experts say that Monitoring systems should be built to identify the sources of Endocrine disruptors release globally. Public Health bodies should take immediate actions before it becomes too late.

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