Growth of modern economic civilization will always depends on the synthetic chemicals in all fields of our life and their production in large amounts with cheap expenditure. Without the consumption of catalyst and extra amounts of energy, synthesis of desired chemical molecules will be done.This kind of fast and targeted synthesis will only be possible by catalysis. Now a day’s most of the industrial processes mainly of chemical processes are running on the basis of catalysis.

In organic synthesis, Transition metals are the most important instruments because of their capacity in promoting various interactions between organic substrates and their activation as well. The major advantage of organometallic catalysis is the ability in production of pure products in huge amounts and that is the only thing led to its widespread adoption by industry.

For the synthesis of fine chemicals, Organometallic catalysis provides enough platform. Because of the promotion of huge number of organic transformations, transition metals are known for having very rich organic chemistry. Monoterpenes which are occurred naturally will be oxyfunctionalized the application of organometallic catalysis that shows very promising routes.

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