Sea otters that were died by some infectious disease showed very high level of PCB. This PCB toxin is responsible for decreasing their population due to affecting their immune system. This case was found in the Sea of California and that’s why a wide difference is foundwithin the population of sea otters in California as compare to North Sea. The concentration of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) & polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) within the body of sea otters is varying from individual to individual. For example those otters that showed highest level of PCBs and PBDEs had some feature common.

In some otters PCB is present in that amount which can affect their physiological function while in other otters the concentration of PCB is up to that level which causes their death. Dead Sea otters also reveal one common property which is a sign of starvation. These sea otters killing toxins affect their normal physiological process such as breakdown of fat. Exceptionally these animals are most affected by sea pollutant. Even now days the level of PCBs pollutant is decreases from previous year but still in sea otters its level is much higher than other marine mammals all around the world. Several studies are under process to explain that why this sea otters subspecies shows such type of variation in their population within number of marine ecosystem throughout the world.

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