The relations between two countries are longstanding and had a long history starting from medieval period. The primary concerns were economic, military, political, social and cultural.The first Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong initiated a strong political and economic relation between both the countries. There is also a strong trade relation between the two countries. According to the records there was an increase of 700% in trade between the two countries during 1990’s. Silk Road also played a major role in the development of trade relations between the continents Asia and Africa connecting   the trade route from Europe through Egypt, Somalia, the Arabian, Iran, Central Asia Several other countries in Asia including India until it reaches China.  According to the existing records the reason in opening the Silk Road between the East and the West came with the expansion of Alexander the Great's empire into Central Asia.China had also engaged in a kind of health diplomacy towards Africa. Coming to the cultural relations Africa hosts three Chinese cultural centers. The first Chinese centre was in Mauritius (1988) and the two other were in Egypt and Benin.

China do not possess or have the military might of USA to project a unilateral military diplomacy in Africa and so have to depend on the good will of others in order to protect its economic interest in Africa.

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