The scientific world is excited to find traces of methane gas in Mars as it indicates the presence of living organism (Bacteria) on the Red Planet. For centuries, we have been told that it is bacteria and the #single_cell_organism that pre-dominated the #evolutionary_history_of_the_biosphere. Nevertheless, there is no precise evidence till date to recollect and narrate the birth of bacteria as it is difficult to find #bacterial_fossils to unearth the mystery of its evolution.

The Journal of Nature Ecology and Evolution has published a study on how #DNA_sequencing_and_big_data_analysis could be used to reconstruct the #family_tree_of_the_bacteria_on_the_earth. An estimated 1.4 to 1.9million #bacterial_lineages existed over the past billion years and 45,000 to 95,000 have become extinct in the past million years. They were vast and diverse, yet there was no abrupt and #mass_extinction_of_bacteria like in the case of plants and animals. “Competition_between_the_bacterial_species for survival might have driven the extinction” was the prediction.

The bacteria genus that evolved during the modern day is equally varied and diverse. However, what is known at present about #bacterial_evolution is a mere snapshot and volumes need to be unearthed to map the evolutionary history of the microbes on the earth.

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