Nightmares are a usual process that occurs during sleep. Nightmares are threatening and scary. It cause fear, anxiety and sadness.It also cause disturbance in sleep and the person was unable to sleep. It mostly occur in case of patients with trauma. About 5% from the general population complain about nightmares.

When a person continuously remember a situation that is causing distress to him, then he will possibly get a nightmare related to his thoughts. It is reported that, body movements occurs along with the nightmares.

They are viewed differently by different cultures because in some cultures these are said to have some harm to the dreamers and in some cultures they believe that nightmares have some spiritual message or forecast of future.

It have different treatments, which include Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT), treatment for breathing problems and treatment with medicines. In Imager Rehearsal Therapy, the person is made to think of the positive aspects of the situation that is making him feel distress and cause of nightmares. By treating for breathing problems it is reported that the person has no chances to develop scary nightmares. Prazosin is a medicine which has reduced the symptoms of nightmares. The research is under process for the effectiveness of prazosin.

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