The research over finding the efficient drug delivery system has always been an interesting one. This is due to the need of effective targeting of disease-causing viruses & pathogens. But, as the diseases are gaining new faces the need has tend to develop new technology so as to administer the drug.

DNA vaccines got Hi-tech, new researchers has introduced a new technology to deliver the high potent DNA vaccines. A team of researchers from Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, lead by Roy Curtiss, has revealed this new technology. The interesting part of the research, as described by Dr. Curtiss, this technology can be employed to create DNA Vaccines against any pathogen, any virus, any parasite and any fungus.

This re-engineered technology is cleverly accomplished using recombinant attenuated bacterium to act against disease, which speed-up the delivery rate. Here, they deliver a bacterium, which inside the host cell multiplies and the DNA sequence of the bacterium induces the immunized individual to make the protective glycoprotein which will act against the disease.

They have demonstrated the technique on various pathogens is under clinical trials as great results were achieved. Such innovative approaches to DNA Vaccines design, manufacture and application are still needed keeping the current need of tackling dreadful diseases. This study is an important advance in the field of Vaccinology using the power of genomics.

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