Cyber attacks are most popularly spreading throughout the world know a days. It is defined as a destruction of computer systems by using destructive codes leading to cyber crime or theft. This is also called as computer network attack. Cyber weapons most easily used by the thefts can generate extreme loss to the websites, stealing of data, intellectual properties or disruption of critical services.

Cyber attack is a mode action where it can support the military operations to disrupt the target commands, control and communications and can get the valuable or secret information through cyber espionage. Cyber attacks can be done in several ways that is,
•    Computer attacks
•    Disruption of wireless networks
•    Disruption of social networking sites
•    Disruption of unprotected electronics

Cyber attacks can also affect the Infrastructure of the nation such as telecommunications, energy, finance networks, transportation, water distribution etc. Cyber attackers can disable these services & disturb the entire web world.  An attack on the air traffic control system may lead to accidents or crashing of planes without physical appearance of enemy. Cyber attacks on finance websites may leads to disruption of nation’s economy, banks, transactions, stock exchange, trading etc.

By this type of Disruption of Financial information & networks may lead great loss to the nation that is affected by the cyber attackers. This can be eradicated by using security instructions or antiviral software’s & can protect the valuable information’s.

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