Nurse plays an important role in providing care to a patient, and a nurse can show significant impact on how well and how quickly a patient recovers. Nurses are admired for showing administering quality and professional care towards patients. Communication is said to be the biggest factors in any relationship, even that is true in case of a nurse/patient relationship. It is the patients’ responsibility to inform how he or she is feeling, and also the changes which he/she can observe in response to the medication. The responsibility of the nurse is to communicate with the patient about his/her condition and treatment plan.
As most of the patients’ fear about their situation & treatment, nurses have to allow the patient to expel and certain explanation should be given, if required. This will help to relieve stress of the patient leading to increased chances of a speedy recovery.
Nurses’ success is patient’s recovery, which is a result of how a nurse and patient interact together.  A healthy nurse/patient relationship is beneficial for both parties, and also makes the nurse’s life and job much easier and enjoyable.
No matter with what illness you are going to nursing home, whether it is a serious cancer or a surgery; nurses can be along the way to ease fear and help you to relieve it.

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