‘’What song is this?” is a common question that arises when we suddenly hear a beautiful song; when we do not know the language but still love the song, or just remember the tune, we are all like ‘what song is this?

You hear some music that attracts you, even if you have no idea about the song, you keep humming. This can happen to anyone.

There are some online tools that can help #identifyanysong, even the one that you keep humming. #Shazam is one such app that recognizes music and other media around you. Using this app you can discover, explore, and share music among friends, and it is free on #Apple and #Androidbaseddevices.

Shazam recognizes songs based on an #audiofingerprint. The app uses a smartphone or a computer's built-in microphone to collect a sample of the audio being played and creates an audio fingerprint based on how the user tags the song. Shazam then stores these audio fingerprints in a database.

When a user requests Shazam for a song identification, the app seeks a match based on the acoustic fingerprint in its database containing millions of soundtracks and TV shows. If the app finds a match, it provides you the name of the soundtrack and the artist, and related information such as video, lyrics, concert tickets, artist biography, and recommended tracks. Some implementations of Shazam also incorporate relevant links to services like- #GrooveMusic, #iTunes, #Spotify, or #YouTube.

Shazam can identify #prerecordedmusic from any source, such as a television, radio, films, and even music in a club or coffee shop, provided the background noise is not very high. Shazam has gone social, enabling users to #followtheirfavoriteartists and see what they are Shazaming.

Shazam offers two kinds of applications: a free app (Shazam), and a paid app (Shazam Encore).

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