Childhood obesity is characterized by observing above the normal weight for his or her age and height. This heavy body weight will affects a child’s health. Obesity of both parents is one of the main reasons for child obesity.Children’s will carry different types of body weight at different stages of growth. By overly looking at your child we are unable to point out the obesity, child concern doctor figure out your children is out of risk towards Child obesity or not. Apart from this weight there are some genetic and hormonal causes which make your children’s obese. But eating much and not exercising up to mark was main reasons.

Worldwide 10% children’s are suffering with overweight, between 1980 to 2010 obese cases are mostly increased and it became threatened cause of world in terms of child’s health. Pre planed like recommendation of breast feeding to all new born and parents changing their diet and life style, up to mark physical activities all these will definitely secure your child’s health.

Being extremely more weight your child’s is directly inviting more chronic health problems like heart diseases and high blood pressure.If your child’s are obese then their overall quality will become lower and not able to do the things which make their lives beautiful and colorful. So it’s mandatory to follow and ask them to follow the basic diet rules to make them happy.

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