When we hear the words #chemotherapy terms like #cancer, hair-loss, vomiting, and #sterility, pop-up in our minds, with the same wide-spread consensus on how chemo works, what are its side effects, and who receives it etc. Truth be told, chemotherapy isn’t the sole prerogative of cancer patients. It can be used to treat #blooddisorders and #autoimmunedisorders such as #lupus, #rheumatoidarthritis, and #multiplesclerosis, in addition to cancer.

Furthermore, chemotherapy can be administered in multiple forms: topically, intravenously, or even orally. Depending upon the dose and the route of administration, each type of chemotherapy affects the patients differently. While most chemotherapies do result in hair loss and nausea, it is not true for all chemotherapies. However, this does not mean that the drugs being administered are not chemotherapy agents.

All chemotherapies are aimed at eliminating the #rapidlydividingcells from the body. Some achieve this by directly #damagingtheDNA, or by interfering with #DNAsynthesis, or by simply #alteringtheDNA. The treatment of autoimmune disorders by chemotherapy leverages the fact that these drugs #weakentheimmunesystem i.e. bring down the immune system of the patient in order to stop it from attacking self-molecules/cells. Therefore, depending upon our requirement(s) the physician(s) decide the dose and type of chemotherapy to be given. So no, chemo is not solely for cancer, and all chemo is just that- chemo, causing hair-loss and sterility when given in high doses.

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