The ever growing therapeutic area majorly depend on the methods like stem cells therapies. As it has proven to be good option to replace malfunction and dead cells in patients with less side effects even through tough.The most challenging work for the researchers is to maintain cell line and derive a specific sub group of cell lines. Victorian stem cell scientists from Monash University have made this work simpler for the differentiated red blood cells. The hESC cells will differentiate to give many types of cells, utterly speaking the cells has a potential to develop into any kind of cells in the entire human body. The maintain of these cell lines is very significant and tough, as they frequerntly change into other types of cells or lose the potential to developed into specific group if they cultured for longer duration in the lab conditioned. The researchers have modified hESC cells, these cells when differentiated into red blood cells (ErythRED) cells they turn into red colour cells. The development of the ErythRED embryonic stem cell line fluoresces red when haemoglobin genes are expresses this is an important progress that will help researchers to optimise the environment that generate these cells.

This research work will clearly discriminate between the Undifferentiated hESC cells and and developed Blood cells and cancer cells. This study not only helpful to identify and isolate red blood cells but also help in the clear tracking of cells of when injected into animal models or patients. This research was supported by the Australian Stem Cell Centre which marked logical step to identify cell lines and made work so specific and accurate.

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