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Group Walking rather than a Lonely Practice help Sticking to your Fitness Goals

Group of seniors walking together outside.

Group Walking..

It is easy said than done that you must stick to your routine workout or exercise schedule.  As individuals, we are regularly asked to practice some or the other physical activity. The World Health Organization WHO prescribes 150 minutes of physical activity for the individual everyday in order to stay fit. However, most of us do not stick to the schedules as we feel bored ot lethargic in sticking to it. According to the research, if practiced as a group, it is easy to continue the practice without fail as you are accompanied by your fellow walking group members. As a group, you are get motivated as you compare with the fellow walkers and share information on variety of things. It is this socialization process motivates you to take up this routine. Apart from regular workouts, add greens, protein rich milk, eggs, fruits, nuts and whole grains to reduce calories to hale, healthy and fit.

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Hop a Little, Jump a Little one…two, three!

Jumping-RopeIt is not just a rhyme meant for kindergarten children. It involves meaningful message for many who is fighting with the global health menace, obesity and excessive body weight. According to recent research findings, the skipping rope is an alternative to high intensity workouts. For many urban dwellers, particularly women, that is unable to cater time for gym and workouts, skipping serve as the best option. The skipping rope, which is cost effective and uncomplicated, would provide complete exercise to all your muscles in significantly less time. It is one of the most effective cardio exercises, which assures the better cardiovascular health. In a comparative mode, skipping is far more improved than jogging. In a 6 week comparative study, a 10 minute jumping session was proved effective than the 30 minutes jogging. It involves all target muscles and burn more calories per minute than rowing and swimming.

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Endocrine Disruptors: Environmental cause for Decline in Sperm Count

Despite of increase in human populations count per second; studies conducted on the sperm count of humans have revealed that human race is facing a steady decline in sperm count globally. Many phenomenons are said to be the reason behind this. Read more…

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Regulatory Affairs: Determining the Shelf Life of Drug

Drug regulatory affairs deals with a very important aspect of drug development i.e. determination of the shelf life of the drug. A lot many companies tend to skip and ignore several points in the guidelines dealing with the shelf life analysis making it very necessary to bring about a close check over it. Read more…

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Dengue Vaccine nearer to Actuality, State Researchers

Scientists have crawled closer to advancing a novel treatment utilizing mutated antibodies to ensure individuals from the dengue infection. They stated practically a large part of the planet’s populace is at danger of contamination by the dengue infection, yet there is no particular medicine for the illness. Read more…

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Biopharmaceutics and its Manufacturing Practices

Biopharmaceutics is the discipline of science regarding pharmaceuticals that are related to biology and medical drugs manufactured using biotechnology. They comprise of proteins counting antibodies, nucleic acids and living microorganisms Read more…

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