Playing too much video game? Here is a bit of important news for you!

Are you fond of playing action packed video games regularly? A must read item here for you. There are many studies that may be pro or against video gaming. However, this latest study Universities de Montreal provides scientific facts to believe.

The general perception towards video games is that they are interactive and hence they improve cognitive skills of the player by boosting their brain cells. For a habitual player, it is going to be more harmful than useful, as the action games erase the grey matter in the hippocampus, primarily responsible for the cognitive skills. Hippocampus retains the spatial as well as the past experiences and put them in sequence, also known as episodic memory.

Striatum that acts as a counter balance to hippocampus reminds people about what they should eat and drink and when should they do it? It’s an autopilot that constantly reminds us of our activities and keeps us happy. A study conducted among 100 video players that played it for 90 hours revealed that the players are relying heavily on Striatum to chase the barriers and to achieve their goals. This would weaken the hippocampus, killing its cells and atrophies leading to reduction in the grey matter.  The decreased grey matter induces the brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression or Schizophrenia.

Girls and guys! Beware of The video games. Take more vitamin c rich fruits, berries, nuts and egg to boost your brain power than playing video games.
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