Can Robots Replace the Human on the Earth?

SophiaHuman are the best ever creatures evolved on this planet that has excelled in its cognitive skills and intelligence. The fear of Robotics under the guise of artificial intelligence to replace the entire humanity is gaining ground with the increased use of Cyborg technologies for variety of human functions. There is however no smoke without fire to believe it in the wake of the first ever robotics getting citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

In the wake of Sophia, the first ever Hominid attending the World IT Congress at Hyderabad, India on 20th of February to deliver her speech, sharing dais with dignitaries from across the world, we cannot brush all our fears aside. The Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics company used the Artificial general intelligence as the major technology along with deep learning technologies, physiology and Natural Language process generation to prepare sophia. They used natural skin stimulation that looks like human soft tissues to create human-like facial texture. Apart from blinking eyes, she can spontaneously make 66 facial expressions by looking at the human face.

Although there is an optimistic note at present that she may spread love and work for the peace and prosperity on the earth, this is a wakeup call for all of us, raising several ethical questions, underlining the need to enact laws that won’t harm the humanity.

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Endangered Marine Ecosystem: Cause for Serious Environmental Concern of the Globe

Despite the search for the exoplanet continued unabated, there are no evidences of finding an alternate to the planet earth in the entire universe so far, as the Earth has got several distinct features suitable for the survival of plants, animals and microbes. The biodiversity present on the earth is massive that it is not an exaggeration to state that there is no second home for the human and the other living organism.

Endangered Marine EcosystemThe hectic human activity is creating chaos and the debate on the climate change came to the fore front for the first time on a massive scale during the ‘Earth Summit’ in the year 1992 at the Brazilian city Rio De Janeiero. Ever since that time the debate on the undue changes on the Earth’s climate due to anthropogenic activity is on and the awareness is spreading gradually. Yet, the catastrophe did not stop. The panoramic and rare forms of life in the marine waters started vanishing to the extent that the damage is irrecoverable. For quite some time, the scientists and the environmental researchers are warning about the coral bleaching. Corals reef ecosystem is so diversified that they are home for Zooxanthellae, algae and seagrasses. These plants provide food and oxygen to the animals that live on the reef. Seagrasses is the habitat for juvenile reef animals like conch and lobster. As a result of rising marine water temperature, coral reeves are completely bleached threatening the very existence of the marine life. The Great Barrier Reef of Australia for example is worst affected, causing massive revenue and employment loss. The Great Barrier Reeves have withstood the erosion and climate changes over the decades. Yet, the current happenings are so dramatic and long lasting, which are irreparable.  This would for sure is going to threaten the future of the iconic ecosystems and the livelihoods of many millions of people.

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Over Eating Food Supplements add to Body Weight

The citizens of the information age are well informed about the health as the detailed information is pouring in from across the nook and the corners of the globe. At a time when the obesity and overweight is turning to be a global pandemic, advices related to nutritious diet and physical activities are on rise through the traditional media like TV and newspapers and digital media, the Internet. “Although the expert nutritionists and the vitamin D deficiencydieticians are roped in for this purpose, the readers and followers still need to very cautious in taking them on their face value”, warn the scientists.  Irrespective of the geographical region we are living in, vitamin deficiency is order of the day today. Despite abundant Sun light, even the tropical countries of the world are experiencing vitamin D deficiency. Food supplements in the form of protein bars, and pills to bridge this gap. As long as the protein bars are consumed well within the limits, there is no harm. Researchers are warning that although protein bars helpful, health snacks are potentially accumulated fats equal to hamburgers. Health snacks are not free from preservatives like artificial colors, sweeteners, thickeners, oils and fats which can contribute to high cholesterol, despite the muscle benefits a person may gain, Fenton explained. A detailed study on 50 popular health snacks revealed the presence of protein, carbohydrate, fats and sugar, which may add weight to the body.  Despite the contribution in the form of proteins health snacks are lacking in amino acids, the necessary ingredients for the healthy body and mind. AS per the nutritionists, daily intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is enough and in an average, a healthy man needs 56 grams and woman needs 46 grams per day.

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Laser Tissue Welding

A tissue that is damaged or injured can be repaired /regenerated. Some tissue injuries can be repaired by simple methods as Stitches and staples. But as the scientific techniques are becoming more advanced, these Stitches and staples may be on their way Read more…

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DNA Profiling without PCR: A Modern Approach!

Forensic Scientists usually classify individuals DNA by DNA profiling/DNA fingerprinting.The DNA isolated from biological evidence is routinely amplified by Polymerase chain reaction using short tandem repeats (STR’s) which require ~ 1 nanogram of the template DNA. Read more…

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Magical Wand of Researcher’s to Crush Cancer

Worn out with the employment of all types and combinations of drugs researchers are concentrating on the Mother Nature machineries to beat the various illness. Recently researchers trying to use necrosis natural programmed cell death as a device to vanish the cancerous cells. Read more…

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