Radiation and chemotherapy currently used widely for cancer treatment are associated with serious side effects and negatively affect the health of patient. In this regard immunotherapy can serve as an attractive alternative.[hmtad name=”Adsense Unit 2″ align=”floatright”]Dendritic cell serves for natural anti-tumor immune response, but this response fails in term to control growth of tumours. Many studies accounts for the advancement of immunotherapy but still Dendritic cell remain inadequate in term of cell viability, uncertainty with respect to longevity of presenting antigen.
DNA vaccines are developed in this regards by using virus based delivery system to express antigens of dendritic cells for producing antitumor immune response in patient. Adeno-Associated Virus, owing to its non-pathogenic nature, prolonged gene expression and lack of toxicity is chosen to be most effective method to achieve immunotherapy. Studies are carried out in this field and bottle neck hurdles are to be crossed to explore their complete potential. This therapy will have a significant impact to use treat cancer over currently available treatments.

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