Human are the best ever creatures evolved on this planet that has excelled in its cognitive skills and intelligence. The fear of Robotics under the guise of artificial intelligence to replace the entire humanity is gaining ground with the increased use of Cyborg technologies for variety of human functions. There is however no smoke without fire to believe it in the wake of the first ever robotics getting citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

In the wake of Sophia, the first ever Hominid attending the World IT Congress at Hyderabad, India on 20th of February to deliver her speech, sharing dais with dignitaries from across the world, we cannot brush all our fears aside. The Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics company used the Artificial general intelligence as the major technology along with deep learning technologies, physiology and Natural Language process generation to prepare sophia. They used natural skin stimulation that looks like human soft tissues to create human-like facial texture. Apart from blinking eyes, she can spontaneously make 66 facial expressions by looking at the human face.

Although there is an optimistic note at present that she may spread love and work for the peace and prosperity on the earth, this is a wakeup call for all of us, raising several ethical questions, underlining the need to enact laws that won’t harm the humanity.