Biotechnology has brought the sudden changes by producing engineered products and has caused a revolution. Previously evolution almost had limited the transfer of DNA to members of the same species through sexual reproduction. But through Biotechnology we can transfer the DNA species of any traits. Thus we can take DNA from any organism, move it to a new and different creatures come out.

In evolutionary biotechnology the principles of natural evolution are strapped up in a goal-directed way to the production of active biological substances. On the other hand, this method allows existing biomolecules to be optimised still further for different purposes. The benefit of evolutionary biotechnology lies in the fact that in artificial evolution the procedures of reproduction, variation and selection can be detached from one another and can be technically manipulated.

If the molecular techniques available today are applied sensibly, the evolutionary approach can rapidly give way the wanted result even when other methods fail.
There are many ways biotechnology can help us in evolutionary biotechnology. From the formation of library by random or focussed mutagenesis to screening and selection to the finding the phylogeny and evolution of species. You find biotechnology helpful every way.

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