Analyzing the biological pathways to interpret the key molecules involved in disease progression is seeming complex regardless to the ample of databases. What accounts is the logical accuracy in combining the biological cycles involved in their order and anatomical site.The thinking and working brains to implement the technology comprised off biologists, chemists, pharmacists, engineering informatists and so other scientific disciplines in addition to the decision making bodies like analysts and product managers. The generational discovery has moved through biomedical computations from experts’ scientific literature basing ontology, searching and discovery analytics precised with visualized tools and pathway analysis, towards the complex projects like drug repositioning. Repositioning the lead therapeutic molecule not only integrates the study of targeted medical needs but also spans into the significantly associated costing for the completeness of this chemical entity.

The study subject is supported by involving the clinical data of diagnosis and prognosis of targeted disease. This therapeutic repositioning is prioritize to novel targets proactively identified with safety issues related to drugs and to predict biomarkers as translational discovery products.  New drug targets are matter cause of suggested technical aspects from alternative associations which are as potential as FDA or EMEA and can approve therapeutic proceedings, based on the inter and intra networking of biological pathways with respect to genes, diseases and chemo-molecular compounds. The synergistic efforts intend towards driving intelligent solutions can empower better decisions.

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