Over 87% of world’s population has a mobile phone in hand. Earth’s population is carrying more than 6 billion mobile phones among them nearly 1 billion mobile phones are in USA itself. Over the past 6 years, mobile & cellular usage in world grown by 190% with 5,972 million users in 2011 when compare to 2,007 in 2005, Where in USA the number doubled from 459 million users (in 2005) to 989 million (in 2011).

The above critics show how cell phones are ruling the world. Allowing users to email, text, Browsing web, Social networking & playing games besides calling, Mobile phone became world’s most using electronic gadget for last 5 years. Everyone says Technology makes life easier, I agree but it makes life more complex when someone addicted for. Previously it was shown that social networking sites can affect health. Now its mobile phones turn. Everyone has to agree that technology giving raise to new diseases. Here is Nomophobia.

Nomophobia or ‘No Mobile Phone Phobia’ is the world’s biggest phobia ever affecting more than 55% of mobile user’s lives which means half of the world population is suffering.
Nomophobia, fear of being without your mobile, affected 66% of UK population (study sponsored by SecurEnvoy) and the more number is expected in USA.
There are some symptoms of ‘No Mobile Phone Phobia’ which are also said to be warning signs:
•    Constantly checking for missed messages and calls
•    Obsessively recharging the battery
•    Never turning the phone off
•    Taking the phone to the Bathroom too
•    having a spare phone (in some cases)
•    anxious of losing their mobile phone, run out of battery
It was also reported that 77 % of Young adults are most addicted to their mobile phones, and followed by those aged 25 to 34 with 68 %.
The good news is ‘No Mobile Phone Phobia’ condition is treatable without usage of medication. For that you have to follow some simple techniques
•    Turn off your phone occasionally & spare time with your family and friends
•    Avoid phone while eating something
•    Turn off your phone in parties, movies and all
•    Phone usage strictly prohibited while driving
One should recognize his/her habits and analyze them; because these things will suffer we need to worry about them.

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