Plastic is a major component in manufacture of garbage bags, electric wires and electric cords as well it is a health hazard and environmental pollutant which even developed countries also not able to control its rapid effects such as carcinoma, cancer.In order to find the alternatives researchers have developed the Bio-based products which effectively replace the use of plastic hence allow stepping into the eco-friendly world.

As bio-based products less dependent on oil consume it plays an enormous role in country economical prospect and as current statistics indicates that approximately EUR 500 billion worth of business is running in the global packaging market based on bio-based products. Booming achievement in plastic production is adding Polyglycolic acid (PGA), which significantly improves the quality and heat resistance of plastic with their biodegradable, thermoplastic polymer properties.

As containing these advantageous properties these bio-based plastics drastically used for food packing to storage purpose. And now a day’s waste cooking oil is used as an energy source instead of glucose to produce polymer by bacteria these polymers potentially used in medical implants and also as microcapsule for effective drug delivery in cancer therapy. Poly 3-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) polymer by synthesis of Ralstonia eutropha H16 bacterium is a good example to express these Phenomena as its non-toxic and less crystalline properties suited used medical applications.

As a renewable natural resource for industrial applications provides health habituate research is widely going on with contribution of many high-income countries.

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