Yes you heard that right. According to researchers #infant_feces could be a potent therapy for the very common gut disorders. The #probiotic_cocktail made from infant feces helps in the synthesis of #short_chain_fatty_acids (SCFA) in the digestive system. These fatty acids are very important for the maintenance of good gut health.

People with different health disorders and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, obesity, cancer etc. are deficient in SCFA and therefore supplementing them with SCFA could help in restoring their normal gut environment. Apart from this, SCFA have many other health benefits they play an important role in the immune system by helping in the development of #regulatory_T_cells, reduces the risk of #colorectal_cancer. This human origin probiotics can change the entire gut environment and the bacteria living inside it.

Therefore, it may be the thing you want to get rid of as quickly as possible, but could be an aid for a healthy life. It can used as a #therapeutic_regimen for several diseases related to gut microbiome imbalance and for decreased SCFA production.

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