Android is a renowned operating system in the world today, visible prominently through #Smartphone and handheld devices we use. It is successful because of its user-friendly #operatingsystem. Palo Alto, the founder of Android, developed this system with a view to apply it for digital cameras in 2003. As the market demand for the cameras was limited, in a span of 6 months, he had shifted to handheld devices. Android had to face stalwarts like Symbian and Microsoft Windows as competitors and it encountered several challenges in attracting investors to run this show. In July 2005, Google acquired #android Inc for $50 million. This has revolutionized the way we communicate as Android was successful in grabbing the huge global market in the #mobileoperatingsystem. Android with its open source and free to use operating system has provided opportunity to everyone for customization and updates. As result, Android became the first choice for every Smartphone maker today.

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