We have heard of the movie, “Jurassic Park” which has depicted the recreation of dinosaurs from a fossil mosquito which had fossilized in tree amber years ago. But can this be made into reality? Can dinosaurs be cloned? Scientists say that the DNA can break based on temperature and moisture. So even if an insect with dinosaur blood had fossilized in tree amber, separating the dinosaur DNA is not that easy as the DNA will be covered by the insect DNA. Cloning a dinosaur is difficult as no complete sequence of dinosaur DNA exists to clone it. Even if sequencing is done, there will be gaps which cannot be filled by DNA of other species. As in the movie, if the gaps are filled with DNA from frogs, the resulting offspring will be a mutant and not the dinosaur itself.

So say reptiles and amphibians came from dinosaurs and others say dinosaurs are ancient ancestors of birds. Be it a reptile or a bird, even if scientist successfully sequence a DNA strand, the oocyte that is required for the DNA to develop cannot be kept in another species as the development requires oocytes of same species which is not possible. Even if the closely related crocodiles are used for cloning dinosaur DNA, it will not result in the species we require and new species will be developed.

Scientists took 13 years for human DNA sequencing and sequencing a DNA with gaps and filling them is a very thought provoking strategy. Cloning of human beings is not a success yet and one cannot predict the cloning of dinosaurs as a possibility.

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