It was discovered that allicin is one such ingredient from garlic which is known to be hydrophobic and can be readily absorbed through the cell membrane without inducing any damage to the phospholipid bilayer and then rapidly metabolized to  exert pharmacological effects such as anticancer and antimicrobial activities.

These pharmacological effects are very important for the cardiovascular system as it provides cardio-protective effects by inducing vasorelaxation and alleviating various pathological conditions of CVD, which includes cardiac hypertrophy, angiogenesis, platelet aggregation, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

Allicin further protect the cardiovascular system as it enhances the antioxidant status by lowering the level of reactive oxygen species and stimulating the production of glutathione. So the conclusion is that allicin can be developed into a health product for the cardiovascular system.

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