Antiretroviral patients skipped their medications whenever they consume alcohol. Alcoholic drink consumption might cause a lot of complications towards the antiretroviral medicated individuals as it could enhance the viral load in the individual. Scientists understood later that individuals in taking alcohol along with HIV drugs were prone to severe lapses where a person will have forgetfulness mind and this activity could turn him toxic. Drugs like antiviral medications suppresses an individual but alcohol once triggers the drug could prevent the virus from surging which in turn leads to drug resistance. Doctors conducted survey upon the levels of virus and their measures standard in immune system. Recent research has found that 52% of individuals avoid pills when they intake alcohol while 3/4th of the patients had less proximity with the prescriptions, which totally relied upon the content of alcohol present in the individual. According to the minute study upon the individuals addicted to alcohol likely had less count of CD4 cells while they noticed higher levels of HIV their bodies. As per Dr. Ace, it is pretty well explained that alcohol use is entangled with poor adherence to HIV medication. The researchers concluded stating, alcohol addiction has an impact on individual’s treatment during medication.

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