Scientists at Rice University have created a #deeplearningsoftwarecodingapplication that can help programmers write #applicationprogramminginterfaces, or APIs. This new application called #BAYOU is a #deeplearningtool that works like a #searchengineforcoding: using a few # keywords input the type of program you intend to create, and BAYOU immediately provides you the java code, based on its understanding of what you want.

BAYOU has been trained using of human-written #Javacodes stored in #onlinesourcecoderepositories like #GitHub; it draws on this information to write its own code.

The developers of this #artificialintelligence have based BAYOU on a technique called #neuralsketchlearning, which trains #artificialneuralnetworks to #recognizehighlevelpatterns in a plethora of Java programs. BAYOU does this by creating a “sketch” for every program it comes across and then connecting this sketch with the putative “intent” that lies behind each program.

When a user poses a query, BAYOU makes a judgment about the kind of program it is being asked to write. Then it creates sketches for multiple candidate programs that the user might want.

Based on these guesses, another module of BAYOU that has an understanding of Java and #automaticlogicalreasoning, generates four or five different codes and presents them to the user(s) similar to hits on a web search. It is up to the user to select the code that he/she wants.

Though this technology is still in its infancy, this is a major step in making AI do the programming.

Users can try out BAYOU at

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