Together, We Can Win Cancer


People all over the world gathered and pledged loud and clear on the eve of the world cancer that ‘We can Win Cancer’!

The World Cancer Day will be  observed on 4th February Every year and the theme for this year says, ‘We can. I can’. The main objective was to create awareness and reduce the occurrence and deaths due to cancer globally by 2020. Many people joined together around the world to ensure optimal awareness.

The empire state building in USA was lit blue and orange after the colors of Union for International Cancer Control. WHO highlighted that, cancer is no longer a deadly disease as the potential to decrease its burden and improve the quality of life of cancer patients has been increased remarkably. According to Dr Etienne Krug, one of the WHO Director, “Countries can do more to prevent cancer”. Governments are imposing higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco to promote healthy lifestyle. They are also planning to provide easy access of HPV vaccine. This year the focus will be on making cancer a matter of the highest concern among political discussions.

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Group Walking rather than a Lonely Practice help Sticking to your Fitness Goals

Group of seniors walking together outside.

Group Walking..

It is easy said than done that you must stick to your routine workout or exercise schedule.  As individuals, we are regularly asked to practice some or the other physical activity. The World Health Organization WHO prescribes 150 minutes of physical activity for the individual everyday in order to stay fit. However, most of us do not stick to the schedules as we feel bored ot lethargic in sticking to it. According to the research, if practiced as a group, it is easy to continue the practice without fail as you are accompanied by your fellow walking group members. As a group, you are get motivated as you compare with the fellow walkers and share information on variety of things. It is this socialization process motivates you to take up this routine. Apart from regular workouts, add greens, protein rich milk, eggs, fruits, nuts and whole grains to reduce calories to hale, healthy and fit.

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Hop a Little, Jump a Little one…two, three!

Jumping-RopeIt is not just a rhyme meant for kindergarten children. It involves meaningful message for many who is fighting with the global health menace, obesity and excessive body weight. According to recent research findings, the skipping rope is an alternative to high intensity workouts. For many urban dwellers, particularly women, that is unable to cater time for gym and workouts, skipping serve as the best option. The skipping rope, which is cost effective and uncomplicated, would provide complete exercise to all your muscles in significantly less time. It is one of the most effective cardio exercises, which assures the better cardiovascular health. In a comparative mode, skipping is far more improved than jogging. In a 6 week comparative study, a 10 minute jumping session was proved effective than the 30 minutes jogging. It involves all target muscles and burn more calories per minute than rowing and swimming.

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Endangered Marine Ecosystem: Cause for Serious Environmental Concern of the Globe

Despite the search for the exoplanet continued unabated, there are no evidences of finding an alternate to the planet earth in the entire universe so far, as the Earth has got several distinct features suitable for the survival of plants, animals and microbes. The biodiversity present on the earth is massive that it is not an exaggeration to state that there is no second home for the human and the other living organism.

Endangered Marine EcosystemThe hectic human activity is creating chaos and the debate on the climate change came to the fore front for the first time on a massive scale during the ‘Earth Summit’ in the year 1992 at the Brazilian city Rio De Janeiero. Ever since that time the debate on the undue changes on the Earth’s climate due to anthropogenic activity is on and the awareness is spreading gradually. Yet, the catastrophe did not stop. The panoramic and rare forms of life in the marine waters started vanishing to the extent that the damage is irrecoverable. For quite some time, the scientists and the environmental researchers are warning about the coral bleaching. Corals reef ecosystem is so diversified that they are home for Zooxanthellae, algae and seagrasses. These plants provide food and oxygen to the animals that live on the reef. Seagrasses is the habitat for juvenile reef animals like conch and lobster. As a result of rising marine water temperature, coral reeves are completely bleached threatening the very existence of the marine life. The Great Barrier Reef of Australia for example is worst affected, causing massive revenue and employment loss. The Great Barrier Reeves have withstood the erosion and climate changes over the decades. Yet, the current happenings are so dramatic and long lasting, which are irreparable.  This would for sure is going to threaten the future of the iconic ecosystems and the livelihoods of many millions of people.

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Finally, the Secrets of How the Stars Formed Unveiled!

StarsHave you ever wondered looking at the clear dark night sky brightly lit with numerous stars about their origin? There is no age bar to get inspiration from  the borderless sky, mysterious clouds, the moon and the stars as we all grow from childhood to adulthood listening multiple stories on how clouds produces images and the stars share fortunes ( the good, bad and the worst). For the first time in the annals of astronomical history, researchers are able to unearth the birth secrets of the stars in the galaxies. Each galaxy may have tens, thousands and millions of stars and there is no count. They are loaded with abundant energy, capable of nurturing and nourishing life on the planets (The Sun of course is a star in the Milky Way galaxy).

For decades, we don’t know how the stars are originating until the day a paper published recently unveiling the secrets. Accordingly, the young galaxies produce stars at a rapid phase for some time and it cease to produce anymore once it evolves completely. Each galaxy has a super massive black hole that is trillion times massive than our Sun.  The black hole’s presence can be known through its gravitation effect. Its galactic nucleus pumps in energetic radiation capable of powering the ability of the galaxy to produce stars. Once the energetic power center ceased to produce energy by heating and dispelling the gas that would the stars would not be produced anymore. Here comes the end of the story. You got it?

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Over Eating Food Supplements add to Body Weight

The citizens of the information age are well informed about the health as the detailed information is pouring in from across the nook and the corners of the globe. At a time when the obesity and overweight is turning to be a global pandemic, advices related to nutritious diet and physical activities are on rise through the traditional media like TV and newspapers and digital media, the Internet. “Although the expert nutritionists and the vitamin D deficiencydieticians are roped in for this purpose, the readers and followers still need to very cautious in taking them on their face value”, warn the scientists.  Irrespective of the geographical region we are living in, vitamin deficiency is order of the day today. Despite abundant Sun light, even the tropical countries of the world are experiencing vitamin D deficiency. Food supplements in the form of protein bars, and pills to bridge this gap. As long as the protein bars are consumed well within the limits, there is no harm. Researchers are warning that although protein bars helpful, health snacks are potentially accumulated fats equal to hamburgers. Health snacks are not free from preservatives like artificial colors, sweeteners, thickeners, oils and fats which can contribute to high cholesterol, despite the muscle benefits a person may gain, Fenton explained. A detailed study on 50 popular health snacks revealed the presence of protein, carbohydrate, fats and sugar, which may add weight to the body.  Despite the contribution in the form of proteins health snacks are lacking in amino acids, the necessary ingredients for the healthy body and mind. AS per the nutritionists, daily intake of 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is enough and in an average, a healthy man needs 56 grams and woman needs 46 grams per day.

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