Remembering Stephen William Hawking

Stephen William HawkingStephen hawking as a man relied only on mathematics and quantum mechanics. He was categorical on emotions like existence of god and supernatural powers as he could peep through the entire universe and proved that it is the ‘Gravitational Force’ that is keeping the entire universe with all its galaxies and placatory system  in their respective order.

His research on the origin of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets and his fascination for the Black holes knows no boundaries. His theoretical explanation of how the extinct and exhausted stars turn as Black Holes was just amazing. For a man that lived most of life sitting on his wheel chair with no spoken word, no limb movement and facial expression and yet worked relentlessly throughout, until his last breath denotes something outstanding. The awe stocked scientific community is equally speechless, as it is still trying to digest his demise and equally busy in interpreting and decoding his works. He may hit the headlines for sure for decades to come as his works on ‘Cosmology’ remain immortal and he will be present in discussions, arguments, presentations, and research studies over the years and the generations to come. His PhD on ‘Properties of Expanding Universes could explore the origin of the ‘Universe’ prior to ‘Big Bang’ and traced the evolution of the galaxies, stars, planetary system  and of course the organism, including human. He went beyond this horizon and spoke even about the exoplanets and existence of life in other planets and warned the humanity not to communicate with any of the extra celestial organism as it would be the end of the human civilization. Believe it or not, he made his voluminous research that stands as an evidence for us here amidst ailing health. He could conquer every barrier that came on his way.  The ALS, a progressive degenerative Motor Neurone Disease could not overcome his Zealand curiosity. His family life was successful with his wife, three children and three grand children. The number of honorary degrees he received, positions he held and the awards that embraced him are countless. He remains immortal with his spontaneous humor and outstanding scientific research for ages.

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Is Human Personality Traits Responsible for the Addiction to Social Media Networks?

social addictionStudies on alcohol and tobacco addiction have identified certain genetic and neurological factors as responsible for the condition. The Birmingham State University (BSU), New York that has the reputation of exploring the human behavior in response to certain social, economic, and political conditions has explored the leading causes for addiction to social media networks.

BSU identified certain personality traits in human beings; neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness. These personalities clash or interact with each other to create addiction to social media networks. For example, neuroticism is one kind of personality where people experience negative emotions such as stress and anxiety and they are tend to get addicted to social network sites. Conscientiousness is a type of personality that possesses impulse control and the drive to achieve specific goals. They possess little or no likelihood of developing a social network addiction. However, when tested together, there is every possibility of neuroticism overtaking the conscientiousness. This can be explained as, however conscious, self-disciplined and goal oriented an individual; s/he may be stressed and anxious and get addicted to social media networks.

Agreeableness is a human personality where the individuals act friendly, empathetic and helpful and not addicted to social network. Yet, s/he may change their behavior when combined with conscientiousness. A socially responsible and conscious person may use social media for longer hours with a goal or purpose to educate other. At any cost time spent with the social media networks is on raise as per this study.

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Let us Break the Heart Attack Related Myths in Women on the Eve of International Women’s Day

Heart Attack Related MythsSeveral myths surrounding heart diseases state that heart diseases attract only elder people and more men than women are prone to heart attacks. Contrary to the belief, cardiovascular cases are on rise in women than men and it is deadlier than all forms of cancers combined. Both physiological and psychological factors are causing heart diseases and it affects people of all ages with no bias. Women that have suffered from mental illness are more susceptible to attract heart risks like stroke. Mental ill health like schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders are mostly treated with antidepressants, antipsychotics, and mood-stabilizing medications, which may have side effects. Women must be aware how the heart attacks symptoms; while the men experience pain in the chest, women must be alert when they experience squeezing pain on either of the arms, jaw, upper back or abdominal discomfort, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, lightheadedness or dizziness. Heart attacks are deadlier for women as they may experience it anytime during pregnancy and menopause. Heart attacks are fatal for women as they are expected to take care of domestic chores, child bearing and rearing. Stress and depression affects women severely causing heart related diseases. Irrespective of age and gender, individuals must keep themselves physically active and must cultivate healthy eating and sleeping habits.

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Can the Scorpion’s Venom Used as a Medicine to Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis?

scorpion’s VenomRheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks its own dense mechanism. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints, causing pain, sensitiveness, inflammation and immobility. A team of scientists in the past have identified a potassium channel on cells called fibroblast — like synoviocytes (FLS) in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, responsible for the development of the disease. The researchers are keen in finding a way to block the channel to stop the cells damaging the joints. A particular element called iberiotoxin, which is capable of blocking the FLS potassium channel and reduce the severity in the rheumatoid arthritis affected rats. Above all, there were no side effects like tremors and incontinence and the joints of the animals turned free and flexible after using iberiotoxin.  Scorpion’s venom component iberiotoxin may play a key role in developing a suitable drug to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis in future.

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Can Robots Replace the Human on the Earth?

SophiaHuman are the best ever creatures evolved on this planet that has excelled in its cognitive skills and intelligence. The fear of Robotics under the guise of artificial intelligence to replace the entire humanity is gaining ground with the increased use of Cyborg technologies for variety of human functions. There is however no smoke without fire to believe it in the wake of the first ever robotics getting citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

In the wake of Sophia, the first ever Hominid attending the World IT Congress at Hyderabad, India on 20th of February to deliver her speech, sharing dais with dignitaries from across the world, we cannot brush all our fears aside. The Hong Kong based Hanson Robotics company used the Artificial general intelligence as the major technology along with deep learning technologies, physiology and Natural Language process generation to prepare sophia. They used natural skin stimulation that looks like human soft tissues to create human-like facial texture. Apart from blinking eyes, she can spontaneously make 66 facial expressions by looking at the human face.

Although there is an optimistic note at present that she may spread love and work for the peace and prosperity on the earth, this is a wakeup call for all of us, raising several ethical questions, underlining the need to enact laws that won’t harm the humanity.

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Together, We Can Win Cancer


People all over the world gathered and pledged loud and clear on the eve of the world cancer that ‘We can Win Cancer’!

The World Cancer Day will be  observed on 4th February Every year and the theme for this year says, ‘We can. I can’. The main objective was to create awareness and reduce the occurrence and deaths due to cancer globally by 2020. Many people joined together around the world to ensure optimal awareness.

The empire state building in USA was lit blue and orange after the colors of Union for International Cancer Control. WHO highlighted that, cancer is no longer a deadly disease as the potential to decrease its burden and improve the quality of life of cancer patients has been increased remarkably. According to Dr Etienne Krug, one of the WHO Director, “Countries can do more to prevent cancer”. Governments are imposing higher taxes on alcohol and tobacco to promote healthy lifestyle. They are also planning to provide easy access of HPV vaccine. This year the focus will be on making cancer a matter of the highest concern among political discussions.

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